AGM Thursday 17-June 2021

The meeting will be open 6.45, giving time for you to sort any connection problems for a 7pm meeting start

Important Dates for you

+ Initial questions, please reply to John Luckhurst, by 7th June
+ Any objections to proposed committee members by 7th June
+ Submissions for AOB by 10th June
+ 11th June Committee to circulate existing & new clubs & accounts
+ by 16th June any objections to clubs, any questions on accounts


  1. Welcome from League President 2021 AGM Presidents Welcome: Peter Mildenhall
  2. Apologies – Chairman: Martyn Rosewell
  3. Minutes of 2020 AGM SDFL AGM Minutes 2020
  4. To consider any previous Business Arising
  5. Election of Officers and Management Committee 2021 AGM Management Committee for 2021- 2022
  6. Chairman’s address
  7. Referee Secretary address 2021 AGM Referee secretary address
  8. Treasurer’s address & Auditors
  9. Election of new clubs to fill vacancies
  10. League Secretary address and Rule Changes 2021 AGM secretary address 2021 AGM Rule amendments 2021 AGM
  11. Constitution of League for coming Season
  12. Proposed dates:

Starting: 4-Sep to 18-Dec 2021
Post Christmas: 8-Jan to 30-Apr 2022
County cup dates
SDFL Cups – format to be confirmed December

  1. Virtual Handbooks
  2. Any Other Business


Your Sport Swindon Cup winners – Blunsdon
Plate winners – Ashton Keynes
Senior Referee – Sam Walker
Junior Referee- Conor Law
Secretary – Phil Harris Bassett Bulldogs

  1. England Accredited Clubs and League initiative – WCA officers
  2. Date of Next Annual General Meeting – Thursday 16-Jun 2022