Club Profile: FC Dorcan – Looking Good & Playing Better

Premier Property Swindon proudly sponsor FC Dorcan

FCDorcan_BadgeFC Dorcan’s debut season resulted in a mid-table finish and might be considered a success for most new teams but not for manager Jimmy Horwood…he expects more from his team.

After an slow pre-season start, he has gone back to the drawing board to adapt his style and is now looking forward to the start of the new season. With the team sponsor Premier Property Swindon providing a new kit and pre-match track suits, coupled with the new tactics, Horwood is not only hoping the team will look good, but will also be playing smart football…


Q: Last year was FC Dorcan’s debut season in the #SDFL. What are your thoughts now you’ve had a bit of time to reflect and look back at last season?

Our end of the season results really put a dampner on what should have been a great season. We could not win a game at the back end of the season which is disappointing after our earlier results.


Q: What sort of progression are you expecting after a finishing in a respectable mid-table position last season?

As a brand new club people would have thought joining straight into the Premier division we’d be happy with mid table but all of us were disappointed where we finished.

Christmas time we were possibly 2nd if I remember correctly, having just beaten regular table toppers Deers Leap, and probably giving Tawny their most competitive game of the season in January.

We then had around 5 weeks with no game which killed momentum, and a few players missing each week due to work and travelling did not help. We have a young team that play some absolute fantastic football. We need to find our consistency and mature this season.

We want to secure wilts football by finishing in the top 3, preferably at the top of the league but it will be difficult with Tawny in there.

Manager Jimmy Horwood signs himself on

Manager Jimmy Horwood signs himself on


Q: What are your long-term goals and ambitions for the club?


We see so many teams join for one season and fold. I want to create a club around the town that promotes youth into adult football.

When I grew up playing there were so many teams like Croft, Old town, Ferndale etc that went all through the age groups. There seems to be less now that had the same mould.

I really like how Stratton Juniors have now entered a men’s team, as they are one of the largest providers to youth football around Swindon and now there is the next step for them to progress.


Q: Pre-season is well underway for most clubs. How has pre-season gone for FC Dorcan?

After losing to Chiseldon, I have gone back to the drawing board.

We have played against Wiltshire prem sides to really give us a test. Losing to Wroughton, who won the wilts cup and league last year, was surprisingly our best performance regardless of the result.

This season we are introducing our 5 key factors for each game and trying to change the mentality of the side by making our team spirit even better.

It’s also a reason to have a team night out, and who doesn’t love a team night? It helps everyone enjoy themselves more when you can trust and have a laugh with your peers.


Premier Property Swindon proudly sponsor FC Dorcan

Premier Property Swindon proudly sponsor FC Dorcan

Q: Has your squad change much over the close season and has there been many new\key signings?

We have acquired a new keeper to fight with last seasons for number 1 spot.

We have also gained new players across the rest of the pitch which really strengthens our starting 11 but also I think we have added depth this season, which means no matter who is available we will have a competitive team.


Q: Who do you think will be pushing for top spot come the end of the season?

Looking at the league I think it’s going to be one of the most competitive the district has seen for a while.

Everyone entering says they will beat Tawny etc, but we have all heard that before. They are so experienced, can play assorted styles of football to each game they are in.

They will be the ones at the top but I do think they will drop a few points this season as the league has got stronger. We aim to be around the top with them.