Contestants Ready! (bulletin 13+)

Good evening all,  I want to wish all of you and your teams the very best for the season. Thank you for helping us get the league back up and running in these difficult times. Let us hope we can get through the season with as little disruption as possible, and we can all play our part in various ways to try and achieve this.

Substitutes : This season you can name and use up to 5 players.

Hand book : I had hoped to have the virtual hand book on line before the season started but I found a printing error this evening and want it corrected before uploading. If you need any contact details in the meantime they are here :

Thanks added to the bulletin from the website : Colin has all but exploded registering players against the problems with the FA WGS. He gets 10 SDFL Hero points from me. John has got you all over the line with your paperwork and is the brunt of all your queries, always there to help – give him a holiday now. Mark has conjured up a full set of referees from his magic hat, but remember your actions on the pitch play a huge part in this. Of course the ref HAS missed an important decision for you – RESPECT that – get on with your game. You all say having a Ref is really important, so now is the chance to show that. KEEP YOUR REFS

Latest FA Covid19 guidelines received on 11th September 2020 :

The UK Government has confirmed that organised sports, which include Steps 3-6 of the National League System [NLS], Tiers 3-6 of the Women’s Football Pyramid [WFP] and outdoor grassroots football, can continue as an exemption to its latest planned measures in response to Covid-19.

Organised football activity is currently permitted at these levels but it is extremely important that clubs, players, coaches, match officials, league officials, volunteers, parents, carers, and facility providers continue to strictly follow both the UK Government’s latest guidance on Covid-19 and respective bespoke guidelines from The Football Association [The FA].

Re-starting the game at these levels has been a significant challenge for everyone involved and we must acknowledge the hard work, passion and commitment of the football family. However, it is vital that we all adhere to these guidelines and ensure it can continue in a safe and secure way.

As part of this exemption, The FA can also clarify that clubs at Steps 3-6 of the NLS and Tiers 3-4 of the WFP remain permitted to accommodate a phased and limited return of spectators if they follow the UK Government’s latest guidance on Covid-19 and The FA’s guidelines for the NLS or WFP.

Clubs in the Regional NLS Feeder Leagues, Tiers 5-7 of the WFP and outdoor grassroots football also remain permitted to accommodate socially-distanced spectators but they too must adhere to the UK Government’s latest guidance on Covid-19 and The FA guidelines for outdoor grassroots football.

Supporters are the life force of our national sport and The FA hopes to see them return in greater numbers across the country as soon as it is safe and possible. However, we must continue to work together and play our part by following all the relevant guidelines if this is to become a reality.

The FA remains in consultation with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, the Sports Grounds Safety Authority, leagues and competitions and will provide an update on the further returns of supporters – including scheduled pilot events – in due course.

John Luckhurst 11-Sep-2020