Fixtures For September 2017

With the #SDFL season kicking off in just over a month’s time and a number of new teams joining both divisions, its looking like its going to be yet another interesting season…

With all the teams now confirmed in the league, we are happy to announce the fixtures for September…


September 2017 Fixture List



Sept 2nd

Tawny Owl v Swindon Spitfires
Ramsbury v Stratton Juniors
Sport 4 Pinehurst v Wheatsheaf
Swindon CS v FC Dorcan
S.Supermarine DC v Lower Stratton
Ashton Keynes v Bakers Arms
Village Inn -v- Marlborough
Chiseldon -v- New Town
Brockhill Utd -v- Moredon
Ruby Removals -v- Highworth Dev
Haydon Wick -v- Redhouse
Swindon Ath -v- North Swindon

Sept 9th

Swindon Spitfires -v- Ashton Keynes
Lower Stratton -v- Tawny Owl
FC Dorcan -v- S.Supermarine DC
Wheatsheaf -v- Swindon CS
Stratton Juniors -v- Sport 4 Pinehurst
Bakers Arms -v- Ramsbury
Marlborough -v- Swindon AFC
Redhouse -v- Village Inn
Highworth Dev -v- Haydon Wick
Moredon -v- Ruby Removals
New Town -v- Brockhill Utd
North Swindon -v- Chiseldon

Sept 16th

 Tawny Owl -v- FC Dorcan

Swindon Spitfires -v- Lower Stratton
Sport 4 Pinehurst -v- Bakers Arms
Swindon CS -v- Stratton Juniors
S.Supermarine DC -v- Wheatsheaf
Ashton Keynes -v- Ramsbury
Village Inn -v- Highworth Dev
Marlborough -v- Redhouse
Brockhill Utd -v- North Swindon
Ruby Removals -v- New Town
Haydon Wick -v- Moredon
Swindon AFC -v- Chiseldon

Sept 23rd

 Lower Stratton -v- Ashton Keynes

FC Dorcan -v- Swindon Spitfires.
Wheatsheaf -v- Tawny Owl
Stratton Juniors -v- S.Supermarine DC
Bakers Arms -v- Swindon CS
Ramsbury -v- Sport 4 Pinehurst
Redhouse -v- Swindon AFC
Highworth Dev -v- Marlborough
Moredon -v- Village Inn
New Town -v- Haydon Wick
North Swindon -v- Ruby Removals
Chiseldon -v- Brockhill Utd

Sept 30th

Tawny Owl -v- Stratton Juniors

Swindon Spitfires -v- Wheatsheaf
Lower Stratton -v- FC Dorcan
Swindon CS -v- Ramsbury
S.Supermarine DC -v- Bakers Arms
Ashton Keynes -v- Sport 4 Pinehurst
Village Inn -v- New Town
Marlborough -v- Moredon
Redhouse -v- Highworth Dev
Ruby Removals -v- Chiseldon
Haydon Wick -v- North Swindon.
Swindon AFC -v-Brockhill Utd