Jim (James) A Stephens

Jim (James) A Stephens, JP (died 1999)

Jim founded Castle Eaton – Castleford FC in 1962, when they entered the SDFL. He joined the SDFL
Management Committee in 1967. After filling many posts, including Vice Chairman he became
Chairman in 1983. He continued in that role until he became SDFL President a position he held until
his passing in 1999.
This totalled 32 years of involvement with the League, 27 years as a part of their management. Jim
was enrolled as a Honorary Member of the Wiltshire County FA in 1988. Jim was the Chairman of the
SDFL for the Leagues 100 th Anniversary.
Whilst with the League Jim played a major role in seeing the League through a very difficult period
that threatened its existence. During all that time Jim was supported, as was the League, by his wife
Jo. They donated the Presidential Chain of Office & also the Jim & Jo Stephens Club Trophy and
Sportsmanship Award.
Their sons, Barry & Brian both played in the League, Barry with Castle Eaton, Fairford & Highworth,
Brian with Castle Eaton, Blunsdon & Penhill RBL.