League to commence 12th September

At a committee meeting held Tuesday 28th July the league has put forward plans to start fixtures on 12th September. This is based on current government guidelines and is subject to change. Nothing in this pandemic is risk free, but it can’t happen as safely as we can make it without some hard work from you the clubs – carry on reading ! To help, use the Covid checklist from the RESOURCES Menu.

  • A bulletin will be published by the middle of next week with options for composition of the leagues and the running of cup competitions, to be ratified at a club EGM or email vote. When that is agreed, Pete will post fixtures on Full-Time in mid-August.
  • Make sure you are affiliated and insured and get your player registrations to Colin
  • If you are playing friendlies, Mark will supply a list of referees prepared to officiate, but it will be down to you to arrange.

DON’T STOP READING – this is the important bit…

We apologetically plagiarise this bulletin from the Swindon Sunday League – it applies equally to the SDFL. Thanks to Clive Archer for this.

“As I am sure by now you have seen the information sent out by the FA and County FA reference to the return to football and the ability to play contact matches. It is also plastered all over Social Media with many teams booking up loads of friendlies within a day of it being announced which I have every sympathy for what you are trying to do having missed so many months of competitive football.

However, I would ask you all to tread carefully and make sure you understand what is expected of every club as there is a lot of criteria for safety, risk assessments, Covid 19 officers, disinfecting match balls and posts, keeping list of all attendees with contact details for Track & Trace, to make sure you have been affiliated to County FA with Public Liability Insurance and the list goes on so have attached a simple guide to this email along with link to County FA Website where a more detailed version is.

DO NOT FORGET THE ONUS IS ON YOU AS SECRETARIES TO MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS IN PLACE TO KEEP PEOPLE SAFE, NOT THE LEAGUE OR COUNTY FA – although we are all here to answer questions and help you through the process.

The Wilts County FA have announced they will close the Affiliation process on Friday 1st August 2020 so if you have not already started the process and contacted Bluefin for your Player Insurance we suggest you start now and if you have problems then call 01793-486047 to discuss access to WGS so you can get access to complete yourself. Remember everyone has to be affiliated, have Public Liability & Player Insurance.

Link to County FA Website for Return to Football: http://www.wiltshirefa.com/news/2020/jul/18/return-of-football

The decision has not been straightforward, but has been taken in accordance with guidelines.