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Sports Central Team Photo
Sports Central Team Photo

Sportz central was established in 2012 for the purpose of introducing sports activities to the youth located in Central Swindon.

Our journey began when Aaron Cardozo, our very own team player succeeded in getting the youth involved in sports and discovered their passion for football.

Since then all our team players have been extremely dedicated to Sportz Central, taking part in community events and even volunteering in crafting fresh ideas aimed at the youth.

Sportz Central has helped many individuals achieve a good lifestyle and build strong relationships within the community. Our team still carry some familiar faces from the time SCC was established and share a strong bond with each other.

Sportz central’s team now consists of young and experienced players from ages 17 – 35. Our team have continuously been breathing football, taken part in many local tournaments and have successfully won trophies. This includes our long journeys to Central London, Wembley and Hounslow to participate in additional football tournaments.
The colour of our kit is black and blue stripes with black shorts and black socks which have been sponsored by the Unite union.

Also Pires, our team Capitan is one of our recognised faces from 2012 and a very valuable team member being the top scorer for Sportz central. He predicts this season to be one our best performances and says ‘we have worked hard during pre-season and we should be able to show it through the results. We want to continue building our team to be even stronger and participate in years to come’.

A statement made by Aaron, the founder of Sportz Central says that ‘Being a community sports club the team welcomes a diverse culture and helps every individual develop new skills whether it is sports activities or life achievements’.

Sportz central continues to inspire the youth in Central Swindon and have now set up a new Instagram page ‘sportz_central_est2012’ to follow weekly updates of the matches, training sessions and general information. We also have a Facebook page ‘Sportz Central’ and all social media is run by our new Club secretary Darilyn De Souza.

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