VOTE: Decision Around League Structure For 2020-21 Season

As has already been announced, the start of the season will commence on Saturday 12th September which allows clubs additional time to meet the Covid requirements as set out by the FA.

The committee has been meeting regularly, working with the Wilts FA and other local leagues to try and decide how the Swindon District League tables should take shape for the coming season.

With that in mind, the committee has decided to let the member clubs decide the league structure to be for the coming season and have come up with the following options, along with their perceived Pros and Cons for each:


Option Scenario Pros Cons
1 2 divisions of 13/14 clubs and Cups to be played at end of the season League should be completed and Cups get played if we get a fair winter and no further lockdown rules are imposed.

Any clubs withdrawing from the league once the season has started, should not have too much affect on games played.

Cup rounds won’t be there to break up league program and may not be played at all if we have a bad winter or on restrictions are imposed.
2 3 divisions of 9 clubs with Cup competitions played as normal Much higher chance of League and Cups games getting completed with a bad winter and potential lockdowns imposed.
Any club resigning from the league, before or once the season has started, leaves fewer league games and bigger impact on league tables. Fewer games may hit clubs finances

3 2 divisions of 13/14 clubs and Cup competitions played as normal Plenty of games more or less every Saturday With a bad winter and any lock downs being imposed, the league season is unlikely to be completed and may have to be voided for a second season.

Voting Requirements

Instead of holding an EGM, that not everybody will be able to attend, and with the uncertainty surrounding us at the moment, we have decided to allow the vote to be cast be email with the following rules being applied:

    • Each member club will get one vote on one of the three options listed above.
    • Each vote will only be counted if it is received from the registered email of the club secretary
    • Only votes received before Tuesday 4th August at 09:00 will be counted.
    • Email votes must be sent to in the following format:
Subject: Swindon District Football League – 2020/21 League Structure Vote
Club name:
Secretary name:


Please take the time to discuss the options with your club members before voting and feel free to reach out to the committee if you have any questions.