Wiltshire Junior Cup 2018: Round 2 Draw

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The 2nd Round of the Wiltshire FA Junior Cup (see links below).

Fixtures are to be played on Saturday 3rd November 2018 with a 1:30pm kick off.

NOTICE OF FIXTURE: The Home Club must give both their opponents and the match officials all match particulars i.e. ground address, colours, dressing rooms, and direction to the ground, at least 7 days before the match. In the event of the Away Club not being notified within 3 days of the match it will be their responsibility to contact the Home Club and the Wiltshire FA (Football Services Manager). Clubs failing to comply with this Rule will be fined in accordance with the Fees & Fines Tariff.

RESULT & TEAMSHEETS: The result of each match (including all Finals) must be entered on Full Time by both Clubs, within 48 hours of the completion of the fixture. Clubs failing to comply shall be fined in accordance with the Fees & Fines Tariff. Each team must ALSO submit a copy of their Wiltshire FA Team Sheet along with a referees mark to the Wiltshire FA (kate.foote@wiltshirefa.com) within 72 hours of the completion of the fixture. A copy of the Team Sheet can be downloaded at http://www.wiltshirefa.com/cups-and-competitions/rules-and-documents.  Failure to comply with any part of this Rule will attract a fine in line with the Fees & Fines Tariff.

The Team Sheet, Fines & Fees Tariff and Cup Rules are attached and they have also been uploaded to the County Website at http://www.wiltshirefa.com/cups-and-competitions/rules-and-documents for reference throughout the season.

If you need any assistance at all or have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the relevant secretary.

For Swindon & District Football League see the League Committee contact page.

Cup Rules 2018_19

Fees and Fines Tariff 2018_19

Round 2

Team Sheet and Result Card 2018-19