Club Profile: Brockhill United – New Kids With A New Style

Brockhill put through their paces in pre-season friendly

BrockhillUnited_BadgeDan Green takes charge of Brockhill United after creating the club to try and bring his footballing philosophy to life and show the #SDFL league something new.

With a keen following from his footballing family, great support from his team sponsor Phone Fixers, Green is hoping that Brockhill’s first season in the league will provide a number of surprises for the teams they come up against.

Green tells us what he is hoping for from his newly formed club…


Q: Brockhill United FC have only recently formed as a club, can you give us an insight in to how the team formed and how your preparations for your debut season are going?.
We formed after I decided I wanted to try and bring something different to the league.

I have my own ideas on how I want the team to play football football, coupled with the fact I have great support from my family that are big football fans, I’m hoping that the team will be able to compete with most of the other teams, whilst also playing attractive football.


Q: Being a new team, how have you found recruiting players to join the club?.

Recruiting players for me has been quite easy. I used to run a team over a year ago and have kept in close contact with a number of the lads. A few of these weren’t enjoying where they were playing at different clubs and I’ve managed to get them back working alongside me.

We have also been able to secure a fantastic sponsor in Phone Fixers who have helped us to grow our club brand and introduced players to the club as well.


Brockhill put through their paces in pre-season friendly

Brockhill United working hard in pre-season friendly

Q: Do you have any specific hopes for this coming season and what are the long term goals for the club?.
I am hoping for a mid table position as a minimum and like to think we will be a shock package for most of our opposition in our first season.

Longer term, we will be looking to establish the foundations of the club to ensure we are able to compete year after year and part of doing this will be to try and secure promotion within a few seasons of being formed.


Q: Pre-season is well underway for most clubs. How has pre-season gone for yourselves?.
Pre-season has been underway for a few weeks now and we have managed to to get in 4 friendly games so far, including a 6-3 win in our first ever game.

Frustratingly, injuries and holidays have restricted my team selection to date but I’m hopefully that, come the start of the season, we will be back to full strength ready for the start of the season.


Q: Which signings do you think will have a big impact on your side this coming season?.
For me, there isn’t one signing that will have an impact so to speak but its the team philosophy I’m looking to create that will be our biggest strength. I will need all my players to be playing at their maximum potential in order for us to compete in the way I’m hoping we will.


Q: Have you been able to do much re-search in to the teams in the league and if so, who do you think will be pushing for top spot come the end of the season?
I have looked quite closely at the leagues and the teams from last season and think it will be very competitive season. I truly believe that if I can keep everyone fit and playing at their best, that will be up there this year.

I think there will be a number of teams with great potential, two of which stand out are Village Inn and newly formed Redhouse who will both provide a good opposition.