Referee guidance from the FA

This post is or any referees using the league site for help a reminder of where to look for help. All registered referees will have received these from the FA.

Link to SDFL referees available for friendlies

The league re-emphasises that as per FA guidance the onus is very much on clubs. We are not in a position to audit compliance or authorise any game going ahead.

Mark is asking referees if they are prepared to referee with responses varying from a ‘it’s too early to start football’ and a ‘I won’t do that until I see a completed risk assessment from each club (ed – This is a key part of the FA guidance)’. He’ll share contacts as he has them, but it then becomes an understanding between the club and the referee. You’ll notice there aren’t any out and out ‘I’m up for that messages’ and with the Government yesterday banning visits in the home in the north of England, we won’t be surprised to see more local lockdowns.

We all want to get back to normal, but please remember your responsibilities to each other and the community. A player testing positive in a game puts not just other 20+ players, but their families in 14 day isolation

Links below (both are pdf downloads – thanks Wembley)

Summary referee gudiance

Full guidance