SDFL Golden Boot League Table As @ 31st October

With the season now well underway, we have our first look at the Golden Boot top scorers list for the Premier & First Divisions as well as the Adver Cup.

This list has been complied from the completed team sheets that have been returned to the league after each game. It is a key part of the administration process that the league receive the completed match day team sheets, fully completed including goalscorers, and on time so we can keep accurate records.

If you think any of the below charts are incorrect, please get in touch with your team secretary, so we can get them updated.

Golden Boot Table – 31st October 2017




Player Name Goals Scored
Jack Allen 16
Lewis Waldron 15
Cameron Shrubb 9
Cameron Lee 8
Jamie Pidgeon 8
Luke Murphy 8
Steve Andrews 8
Charlie Gillett 6
Kyle Bowyer 6
Ashton Glover 5
Nick Gregory 5
Richard Clark 5
Daryll Chambers 4
Jamie Saunders 4
Max Derrick 4
Ryan Major 4
Player Name Goals Scored
Lee Hayward 14
Louis Wollen 10
Craig Alexander 8
Jason Milhench 8
Adam Burson 7
Jamie Bain 7
Alex Street 5
Daniel Ricketts 5
James Lovell 5
Kray Dunn 5
Nathan Good 5
Ben Crame 4
Jason Hodson 4
Steven Nesbitt 4
Todd Mears 4
Tom Goodey 4
Player Name Goals Scored
Ashton Glover 5
Charlie Gillett 3
James Lovell 3
Scott Drew 2
Jason Milhench 2
Aaron Hewitt 2
Jake Roffrey 2
Kevin Murphy 2
Mason Lach 2
Clint Lomax 2
Daryll Chambers 2
Morgan Watts 2
Ali Mair 2
James lewis 2